Wednesday, April 27, 2011

At the mannu playground and Nature 101

"Mummy, i have a mango seed, lets plant it", said Anjali when i reached home.

I went to the kitchen and pulled out another mango seed, this one dried up, which i had meant to plant ages ago and hadnt gotten around to doing it

"Lets get some earth and plant both", I said.

Sophia got her hands on the seed and was manipulating it (the dry one). She bent it

"Dont crack it Sophia", I said, taking it away from her

"I want to cyack it!" she said "Shomething inshide"

"I want to plant two seeds!" said Anjali

It was promising to be a good fight, when Sophia, bending the seed realized that it didnt yield as easily as she had expected.

"I want to go to the mannu playground", said Anjali. "Can we take our shovels and containers and bring mannu back home to play?"

So we cycled to the mannu playground, and the girls supplemented their sand play with clear water from the stream. We collected about a huge bag of sand and stuffed it into the bicycle bag, along with some earth for potting the mango seeds.

It was quite a feat balancing Anjali at the back, Sophia in the front of the cycle and the sand in the basket. So I let my feet on the road to help me control the brakes

"mummy! dont put your legs on the floor! Put your legs on the pedal!" instructed Sophia, very loudly as we pedelled down the slope

We have a temporary sand box made from a rather large cardboard box. I have told the girls to take it outside when they want to play and bring it back in afterward, cover and keep at the end of the shoerack. Anjali understands given what happened to the previous sand box

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