Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Why do we need to occupy our kids

Its everywhere... and it is the vogue - occupying your child. "What does your child do after school?" asks a colleague when i told him that Anjali goes for three hour school. "Play all day?"

Exactly what does "playing all day" mean in Anjali and Sophia's terms. It means a multitude of experiences where learning takes priority over all other things.

For Anjali, it may mean grabbing a workbook from the workbox and tracing it or sitting on the bed in patti's room, mothering her dolls, or taking a multitude of pourers and stuff into the bathroom and pouring and measuring, or riding a kickscooter or bicycle in the lift lobby.

For Sophia, it means drawing on the floor with markers, babbling, singing, dancing etc. It may also mean playing with her sensory materials- cooking with pista shells or sea shells

For both of them, it means taking a book in hand and either attempting to read it, or making up their own story based on the book or asking one of the adults to read it. Occasionally it may also mean structured piano classes with husband.

Therefore when Anjali's school sent out circulars regarding whether the children wanted to attend holiday enrichment programs - globe trotting or pirates based on crafts and activities, we decided to opt out. We also decided to opt out of her school's weekly enrichment classes of ballet and speech and drama.

But we have decided to send her to the SINDA cirque du soleil Voyage de la vie program.

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