Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tis the time of the year

Its Goody bag time once again, and patti was asking what i intended to put in Anjali's goody bag. Anjali had come home yesterday with a bag filled to the brim with junk - two packets of oreos (patti sneaked them home to distribute to after Shloka class), one packet of m&m (which I had to open, I gave each kid one m&m and promptly chucked the rest in the bin), a packet of crispies and some other mismatched random stuff which Anjali tried in turn to entice me with and that I turned down, none too gracefully, while i was cutting out a slice of my own pine apple cake for after dinner.

So i have made up my mind to make Anjali's goody bag this time round - Nothing complicated - a threading kit, a busy book and there you are.

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  1. I have a policy for goody bags given in school stick only to classmates. n ananyas school sometime she gets goody bags from other classes!!! No Toys or the likes. This year I eliminated the plastic bag for the 23 kids in her class.i dislike those bags that end up in the trash eventually...we should invent a more environment friendly bags for such things! I gave out baby muffins & milo that you get in NTUC during tea break & the kids ate that. and each child got two packs of raisins to take home. I added two small jelly boxes as I had a BIG pack someone had given ananya just before the birthday! It is thought that counts. Ananya just went around and distributed the raisins and the jelly in their hands and the kids kept it in their school bag.


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