Thursday, March 17, 2011

pink paper

Husband called me while I was waiting for Anjali at the green cc.
"Can you tell me what is the pink paper?" he asked
"What pink paper?"
"Something that she can press with her finger"
"Is it the stamp pad that she can use to stamp her finger tips?"
"I'll give her the phone"
Sophia comes on the line
"HEllo mummy!"
"Hi Sophia. What are you doing?"
"I want the pink paper mummy."
"What pink paper?"

"That pink paper. If you pyess the paper with your finger your finger will come out. That papeyr"
"Is it the stamp pad that you use to put your finger and then stamp on the paper?"
"is it the toy that when you press both sides and match, the light will come?"
"Nope! Its the pink papeyr"
"Is it pink?" I asked, knowing that Sophia sometimes mixes bluye for yellow. But she is usually very sure about pink.
"yes mummy. It is pink"
I tried a different tactic.
"Did you play that game before?"
"Yes. i played that game before. I put my finger in the pink papeyr and the finger come out mummy."
"Right! Did you play it with Anjali?"
"YES! I played the game with Anjali"
Obviously, since Anjali was still on her way from Voyage de la vie, it wasnt much use to us. So I tried another question
"Did you play the game when mummy was there, or when patti was there?"
Sophia was getting rather frustrated at this point, as if she couldnt really understand how her parents could be so stupid about a pink paper " I played with Anjali when patti was there mummy!"

"Ok fine", I said. "I will call and ask patti about it and call you back ok?"

"Ok", she said, and hung up the phone. Immediately she threw a tantrum, earning herself time out and a blue heart.

I called patti and found out the whole story about how Sophia had been scribbling on a piece of paper with the red marker and how she had scribbled so much that there was a hole in the paper and how she put her finger through it and discovered that it came through. All this had happened about five days ago.

I called back to relay the update to husband, but apparently, Sophia had already found the pink paper.

"It's a paper with a hole!", he exclaimed. "I gave her all the other paper in the house and she only wants the paper with the hole!. I mean..."

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