Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lovely things about being a mother

I was getting ready to go to work. Sophia was sitting on patti's chair.

"Bye Sophia!", I called. She turned towards me, gave me a brilliant smile and a wave.

I pulled my bicycle out.

"Bye mummy. want to give hug", she said, clambering down from the chair and coming to hug me.

"Ummah", she said, giving a huge bear hug.


Sophia had apparently hit Anjali, whether accident or on purpose, i cant remember. While Anjali was sulking next to me, Sophia comes up.

"Soie!" she said "Anjali. soie!"

"Sophia, you cant hurt others and just say sorry", I told her. And then to Anjali "Is it ok for you?"

Anjali shook her head. "Still hurting", she said.

"Hug Anjali!" said Sophia. going for the all out bear hug. "Hug Anjali. Ummah!!"

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