Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cirque du Soleil Voyage de la vie

Anjali went with the SINDA organized Voyage de la vie today. It is her first real outing and I was rather concerned. Here is the flow of events.

Last Wednesday:
Kala called to tell us about the event and to ask whether Anjali would be interested to attend. I asked whether I could attend too and received reply in negative.

"Want mummy" said Anjali.

Then we told her that Dheeraj would go too/

"You dont need to come mummy. I will go with Dheeyaj!" said Sophia

"I will go with Kala aunty and Dheeraj", said Anjali.

"I want to go also!" said Sophia, immediately starting a tantrum

Over the week, we have been very careful not to mention circus too enthusiastically in front of Sophia.

This morning:
Anjali woke up and got ready for the circus. I packed three buns and two packets of milo in her backpack. Sophia, who had taken the very same pink backpack for IEP camp last week was rather upset

"Why you putting Anjali's clothes and food in my backpack?"

After the morning breakfast of cereal, I took Anjali to patti's house. The last thing I saw as the lift descended was Sophia crying in husband's arms about wanting to go to the circus too.

Over the phone: 9am
Sophia and husband were in the playground.

Over the phone: 10am
Anjali was boarding the bus with Dheeraj and Pranav on either side. Patti had come to send her off. She had said that she could go by herself with Anita aunty and that patti need not send her off.

Over the phone: 11.15am
Sophia had hoodwinked husband into reading her twelve books by pretending to be sleepy. In revenge, husband had fried two eggs and made Sophia eat an entire one, including the white (husband was very proud of this.)

Over the phone: noon
Anita aunty was on the phone. Anjali couldnt eat the noodles provided because it was too spicy and therefore ate a bun and some milo.

Over the phone 3.30:
Sophia and husband had eaten mamaliga "I ate mamaliga mummy! I ate beans mummy! I made oosha in the bathyoom mummy! I ate tomatoes mummy!" said Sophia excitedly while husband yelled fromk the background "She put all the big chunks of tomato in my plate!!" and Sophia goes "I took the tomato in my spoon and I ate it and it tasted nice!" She had slept for half an hour from 2pm to 2.30pm.

Over the phone: 4.55pm
The show was over. Anjali was on her way to SINDA. Anita aunty said that she was frightened because there was a some noise (this is the girl who covers her ears and sits down when balloons burst) but that that acrobatics in the show were simply superb. i am going now to get her.

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