Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Anjali's sense of logic

Anjali has an impeccable sense of logic which she uses in argument.

For instance, yesterday night, as I was getting the children to bed, she said

"Mummy, Can i paint this now?" (holding out a painting sheet which, if we started on now, would take atleast half an hour to work on)

"Nope. You have to sleep. i will set out the paints before I go to office and you can paint in the afternoon when you return from school"

(High voice)"But you said that I could paint after we returned from the library!"

"I said that you could play after you returned from the library"

A beat

"But painting is playing mummy!"


Husband was making Anjali practice the piano.

"Can you repeat Anjali?"

"There is no repeat sign in this page daddy. i dont have to repeat!"

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  1. HAHAHAHAHA...I like the repeat sign one - classic!


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