Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Anjali and Dee 's birthday cake

Swati messaged saying that she has ordered a cake with three princesses for Anjali and Dee's birthday celebration at the brunch.

I tole Anjali so last night

"Who are the three princesses?"

"Swati aunty says that one of them in Cinderella"

"Who are the other two princesses?"

"I dont know. But you can imagine that it is you, Ananya and Sophia" (Swati and i had previously agreed that it was a good strategy, since Deepika was still too small to contest. But I had not quite anticipated the next question)

"Then why there are not four princesses on the cake, then me, Ananya, Sophia and Deepika can be the princesses"

Well... Its a bit late to modify the cake.

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