Monday, March 21, 2011

ACT 3 international's children of Asia

One of the organizations that i keep a tab on is Act 3 international, where they organize good high qualitiy activities for children and families, many of which are free or very affordable. We have been to several - drama samplers, Beauty and the beast show etc, which the children really enjoyed.

The recent exhibition was called Children of Asia and it was on during the March holidays. We couldnt really go during the weekdays, but the exhibition ended yesterday, and me being the craft oriented person that i was, really didnt want to miss the traditional crafts that they talked about.

Husband was doing the 113km triathlon yesterday, so there was no way we could have him take us. We also promised the girls that we would go to the beach and cheer husband. However, husband would take 7 hours to finish his triathlon and I wasnt going to keep the girls in East Coast park for 7 hours.

So at 10am, I grabbed a packed lunch (pasta and pesto), a couple of packets of Milo, a change of clothes and set off with the girls.

We reached the exhibition shortly after eleven and i am glad that we made the trip. There were a lot of things to see. ofcourse, the camera is still out of battery and putting the photos from the phone will involve sitting at the console after getting home, something that I should do at some point of time. But even without transferring the photos, I could say that it was a time where the girls learnt loads.

So what did they learn? I think for the girls, two of the most interesting things were the looms and the silkworm boiling. Of course, she didnt quite know that silk worms were in the pot, and got a little surprised when the demonstrator cut open the cocoon to show the worm inside. the girls pocketed a cocoon each to show daddy.  They were in my pocket all day, which was fine, except that they smelled a bit.

The looms were another matter. Anjali learnt a good bit about weaving and didnt want to leave until I told her about the loom that we had bought from Romania two years ago and filed away because she was too young. And then at night, she got all upset because i didnt let her use the loom as I had promised but was asking her to go to sleep. This morning, I set up the loom pronto.

Sophia wanted to, ofcourse, try everything that Anjali did. Thankfully, most of the looms were quite friendly on her

I guess it didnt hurt either that they had short dance presentations on the hour. And ofcourse Anjali loves dances.

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