Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mother's birthday program

And so it was decided that Anjali shall be progress and Sophia shall be Aditi.

I was trying to convince Anjali to wear pink to represent progress.

"No mummy", she who wanted to wear her green gagra said "I want to wear the green sprinkly sparkly dress"... "green is progress because plants are green and plants progress"

I let her wear green

"Why is Sophia Aditi and I am progress? I want to be Aditi in the center"

I explained that progress is necessary for Aditi to manifest.

Kiran turned naughty on stage, and so we decided to let Anjali play both progress and courage. She took it up marvellously. When she said "Progress" is was soft, and when she said "courage", it was loud and firm.

We have a number of conversations about the qualities.

"Who is progress's best friend?" she asked

"Well,", I said, "who do you think is most important for progress?"


"When you want to make progress in your piano, what must you do?"

"I must practice"

"Exactly, that's perseverance"

"So perseverance is progress' friend?"

"Yes. And courage also, because you need courage to persevere"


Sophia playing Aditi was quite a hit. She started walking on the stage, fiddled with the flowers on the vase, walked back to me, smiled prettily at the audience, walked around some more, picked a flower, and walked to Jayalakshmi aunty who was holding the chocolate, took and and said

"I having one chocolate mummy!!"

And then she took the stalk of orchids from me, and put it in the vase where the other children had placed their orchids, ran back all the way going

"I having one chocolate! I having one chocolate over here!"

Husband reckons that I shouldnt make fun of how Sophia speaks, but I simply cant resist it. When she puts on a pouty face and drawls "Why muuuumy?" I simply have to put on the same drawling expression and answer her.

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