Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Greek Gods

As I am reading the Percy Jackson books, I decided to introduce the kids to the world of Greek Gods. I recommend the Percy Jackson books for kids and people who liked Harry Potter. its not as good as Harry, but way better than Artemis Fowl, and definitely worth reading.

The kids were in bed and I was telling them about the titans and the gods. I happened to mention apollo in the Achilles story, the god of the sun.

"Apollo the swallow", says the two year old, who gets very mystified by same name characters in different stories.

"Yes. Apollo the swallow is named after the God Apollo", i said, continuing the story

"Apollo is not a God, Apollo is a swallow!", interrupts the two year old, quite vehemently.

"Mummy, why did Achilles die?", asks Anjali, who is very interested. "Story! Story!"

"Because...", I began, "he burned the temple of Apollo and the god got angry..."

"Apollo is a SWALLOW! NOT A GOD", says Sophia, raising her voice

"Sophia, people often name others after gods. You are also named after a greek Goddess. Sophia is the Greek Goddess of wisdom"

"Me?" asks Anjali

"Anjali is the Sanskrit goddess of offering", I invent hastily. "And Sophia is the goddess of wisdom"

"I am not a god", Sophia says, turning her nose up.

"No." I agree. "You are not a god. You are just names after a god"

"I AM NOT A GOD!", she presses.

"Sophia!", says husband "You are not a god, you are a monkey"

"No. I am not a god or a monkey. I am a dyagon. foo foo foo!"

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