Thursday, January 27, 2011


There was a fight in the library. Anjali and Sophia were both fighting over the same book, not quite sure what that was about, because they both wanted me to read it to them. I didnt interfere but let them fight it out. one thing led to another and Sophia tumbled and fell.

Later, we were leaving the library and Anjali ran up the stairs. I was helping Sophia up and husband was carrying the heavy box of books and by the time we both reached the landing, Anjali was no where to be seen. We searched around for about five minutes when she came running, from outside the library. We were both worried and I gave her a talking to that left her a bit in tears.

However, as we were going home, husband said

"We need to decide a punishment for you both, since you were fighting and also because Anjali ran out"

"I agree", I said. "What can we do?"

"Anjali and Sophia will sleep tonight by themselves"

"I want mummy!" said Anjali immediately

"I think daddy is right Anjali", I said. "You need a new discipline method, since you dont do time outs properly."

"I will go to time out", she said. And then on the taxi "Mummy, if I go to time out when we go home, then can I sleep with you?"

I just hugged her and kept quiet.

When we reached home, she immediately started jumping on the bed.

"I thought you were going to be disciplined", I reminded her.

She quietly stepped out of the bed and went to patti's room. I went to the bathroom. A millisecond later, there was a knock.

"Mummy, can you turn on the lights at the time out place?"

I came out of the bathroom and turned on the lights in patti's room.

Then I went out, leaving the door open. Anjali was sitting on the bed with a toy dog in her arm. Sophia waddled in, carrying a book on her head.

"Anchalli, want to ead this toie Anjali?"

"No Sophia, I am in time out. "

"want to ead this toie in time out Anjali?"

"No Sophia. Mummy, Sophia is disturbing me in my time out!"

"Ignore her and pretend that she is not there", I suggested from the kitchen

A couple of minutes later I walked by patti's room. Anjali was still sitting with her puppy on the bad and Sophia was sitting behind her with the book.

"Mummy, I like very much to sit in time out with my puppy. I am happy doing that"

Now, I am very sure that that is not quite the point of time out!

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