Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cake Baking 101

Measure, Mix and knead

Break the eggs

Stack 'em up

Cut off the crumbs, get the kids to eat them and go on a sugar high

Small cakes like these are helpful in making eggs and if they look too wierd to be eggs, cut them out to make faces, tails etc

The shape of the dragon (tortoise). Gives you a deep insight into the process of evolution.

ITs all in the looks

Shaping the nose!

And the scales

And the eyes. See how soulful the stegosauras looks?

Until he begins to breathe fire

And the you realize that he is not a herbivore

And anyhow, Stegausars dont have wings

Give any remaining sugarpaste to the kids if you want them running amok till midnight

Ofcourse I would like to annoy husband, who spent about half a day baking, mixing and decorating and just document here the thing that inspired his creation

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