Tuesday, January 18, 2011

At night

Sophia: Want to sleep with Anjali
Anjali: nah
Sophia climbs over me and tries to get to Anjali
Anjali: Mummy, Sophia is not letting me sleep
Me: Sophia, sleep on the other side of mummy
Sophia: want to sleep Anchali thoppai
Me: No, you sleep on mummy's thoppai and hold Anjali's hand
Sophia: No want to sleep mummy thoppai. Want to sleep Anchalli 's thoppai
Me: Sophia, you sleep on mummy's thoppai and daddy will tell you a story.
Sophia sleeps on my thoppai
Anjali: Story! Story!Story!Story!Story!Story!Story!
Sophia: Anjali! hold my hand Anjali. Hold my hand!
Anjali: Story!Story!Story!Story!Story!Story!

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