Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Things going missing

Something strange has been going on over the past couple of days. When we returned from Genting, I noticed that four of my plants - the smallest ones that I put on the other side of the lift lobby were missing. I was very upset, especially since one of these was a baby ajwain. My ajwain plants had been slowly crowded out by a chicku plant that patti and Anjali planted in the ajwain pot, probably not thinking that it would grow. But grow it did.

A few months ago I found a small Ajwain sapling and potted it seperately in a little pot. it was just beginning to grow and make new shoots and leaves. Therefore I was understandably very upset about it.

it took me a couple of days to get over the missing plants and to come into terms with the loss. Yesterday, i put out a new pot and transplanted some of my balsam saplings.

Then a very strange and upsetting thing happened last night.

At the end of the plant shelf, I keep a very big pot filled with guinea pig waste and bedding, which I let compost for the plants. Since I need to give the compost a stir every couple of days or so, I keep next to it an old scoop to toss and stir. The scoop is a very dirty thing, filled with guinea manure and dirt. Last night, after I had cleaned out the cage and had gone to compost, I found that the scoop was missing. That was a bit strange

And this morning, I found three other things gone. Another small pot with two little plants that i grew from seed, a milk carton, filled with mostly guinea pig compost and very little earth (experimental) where a little seed was just beginning to sprout (trust me, there is nothing pretty about that pot) and another empty milk carton.

The person/ people who took them either have to be kids, or has to be someone really sick. why would someone steal a mixing scoop full of manure and a milk carton pot with mostly earth and a single sapling that has hardly sprouted? it doesnt make any sense at all.

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