Monday, November 15, 2010

Going to Genting: Part 1

We are so enthusiastic that we wear jackets even at home

My space, says Sophia, refusing point blank to sit on my lap

The first merry go round ride

Anjali and husband on the merry go round

A view from the top of 'sic' dino land

Sitting on dragons

Anjali's photography skills are getting better

Want to go to mother!!!

Dont like the bumper cars. Everyone bumps into Anjali

Sophia and Anjali by themselves on a ride. Ofcourse, Sophia doesnt like it

The simple pleasures of life

Another merry go round

Ofcourse, this is the best

Dressed up men. Anjali would never hug a stranger. So what is it about dressed up monkeys and clowns that make the kids drop their restrictions?

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