Friday, August 6, 2010

sisters playing together

Some evenings, times which used to be rare previously but are getting more and more frequent, husband and I step back and see the beauty of the girls interacting with each other. Anjali, being the older sister, is usually more leading on the direction of the activity, and Sophia makes the choice of the activity.

Often, I would sit somewhere near with a book and watch the girls explore. Yesterday evening, the two of them played for close to half an hour in the bath, blowing bubbles and making "yo yo boat" with sticks. I actually had uninterrupted time to make a whole raspberry bread pudding.

After that, I got some noodles and they sat side by side, eating noodles and reading. Sophia chose the book and Anjali read the book, saying things like "Sophia, can you show me the scissors and can you show me the glue". This morning, Anjali had picked up the flap and tab bible and was telling Sophia "Sophia, this is a Jesus stoie, you know.", whereupon Sophia said "thank you thank you Jesus". Me, in the kitchen, mixing milo heard this and stuffed a laugh.

Even craft activities, they do, sitting together, heads bent and furrowed in concentration as they explore the materials in their own way - Anjali with her scissors and catalog papers and glue, and Sophia, with her glue, spreading it on paper.

"You girls are very lucky, you know", I said.

"Why mummy?", asked Anjali

"Because you have each other to play with and love. I dont have any sisters you know"

"I can be your sister", said Anjali wisely "I can be Sophia's sister and your sister"

"I think you can", I said. "I would love you to be my sister. But I am also Vishnu anna's and Sandhya akka's and Shree Valli akka's and meenakshi akka's sister"

"huh?" said Anjali, looking puzzled, but delighted by the news. "Why are you Vishnu anna's and Meenakshi akka's and Shree Valli akka's and Sandhya akka's sister?"

"Because Vishnu anna and Meenakshi akka have no sisters also and they asked me to be their sister"

"And Sandhya akka and Shree Valli akka also have no sisters?"

"No, they have no sisters either. They have a brother."

"Mummy, a brother is not like a sister?"

"Absolutely not", I said. "A brother is not like a sister"

"But I have a sister", concluded Anjali, turning to Sophia "Sophia, can you give me the glue and akka will show you how to glue everything"

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