Thursday, August 19, 2010

Going to school

I have come to a conclusion. Anjali generally goes to school without trouble if Sophia is not awake in the morning. When Sophia is awake in the morning, then my attention is divided. As I usually take Sophia with me to the busstop, it gives Anjali a chance to push me. it is kind of hard for me to be crative when i have to put Anjali on the bus, while carrying Sophia. She knows itt and taps on it.

The last two days, Anjali had been crying just before getting on the school bus. I was prepared for it this morning. Sophia, however, was sleeping, and that simplified matters.

Anjali got up.

"Mummy, dont send me to school today. I dont want to go to school"

I let it settle for a bit while I dressed for work.

"If you dont go to school, how will you make new friends?"

"I will make mummy friend and patti friend and Sophia friend".

The imp had an answer for everything.

"If you dont go to school, how will you learn?"

"I dont want to learn."

"Well, maybe, Miss Audrey will teach you how to fight with a dragon. Dont you want to learn that?"

"No. I dont want to learn how to fight with a dragon. I am scared of dragons"

(Lord grant me pattience!) "Its a friendly dragon. Its big and green and has a long tail and smiles at you. Ms Audrey is going to teach you how to fight it. Dont you want to learn?"

"No. I am scared of the dragon."

"Well, shall we write a note to Ms Audrey and tell her not to teach s about the dragon, but to teach us about puppies instead?"


"Well, we'll tell Ms Audrey to teach us how to fight with puppies."

"No. She must teach us how to cuddle with puppies"

So we brushed and went to the dining table. i pulled out a piece of paper and wrote down, as the grand princess dictated.

"Dear Ms Audrey, You must give us some puppies to cuddle, especially to Mikaela, Tricia, Nathaniel and me. I think that is all. wait, there is more, and you must give us twinking stars in chinese. Yours sincerely, Anjali"

So we put the note in Anjali's bag, got dressed and had breakfast while reading about candyland.

It was time to get out of the door.

"lets take the caterpillar game to the busstop and play while we wait for the bus", I suggested, taking the caterpillar book with me.

"I want merlion and balle", said Anjali.

"You want merlion and ballet?", I repeated.


"You want a merlion in your ballet class?"

"No! I want merlion and balle", she said.

I looked around the house and my eyes fell on the national day goddy bag that Vishnu had given the girls. there were a couple of courtesy lions there.

""This one?", I asked, passing them to Anjali.

"No", she said. "i dont want to go to school!"

Uh oh!

"I want merlion and balle to the busstop"

"I dont understand", I said desperately, one eye on the clock. It was 7.35. Anjali was dressed, shoes on, backpack on. And i had no clue what she wanted.

I could
1. pick her up and carry her to the busstop. This would be effecient and result in a tantrum or
2. I could try to figure out what on earth she was talking about.

I decided to give myself two more minutes

"Ok, Anjali. I dont understand what you mean by Merlion and Ballet. Can you tell me in some other way?"

"No mummy", said Anjali, her lips trembling. "I want merlion and balle story"

"Merlion and Ballet story..." I thought, my brains whirring.

And then it clicked.

I went to our reading corner and picked up a book. We went to the busstop reading all about how the merlion and balle danced with each other and how they fell in lvoe and the mean witch spell was broken and they lived happily ever after.

Now, who can guess the name of the book?

Our makeshift reading corner

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