Monday, August 2, 2010

Experiment, home painting, kick scooters and all sorts of things

On Saturday, Sandhya came. Anjali stayed overnight with patti and thatha, got up at 6.30 in the morning to go to the airport with thattha, and took very well to Sandhya in general. At ten, husband, I and Sophia came to say hello to Sandhya and to take the girls to the Science center for the Visualize show. We souldnt get a taxi, and so put the whole thing off to the afternoon.

Anjali agreed to stay with Sandhya while the rest of us went grocery shopping.


Sophia picks up all the avocadoes and puts them in her basket. We dont want more than three

When we got home, Sandhya's report

"Anjali told me that her favorite story is the Jesus story (huh?) her favorite song is twinkle twinkle little star (what about the song that you sit under the tree and sing?) and then she did every single monkey business in the world"

The next day I asked the girls

"Sophia, who will take care of you when mummy goes to America?"

"Anchaali", says Sophia

"Anjali, who will take care of you when mummy goes to America?"

"Sandhya", says Anjali without hesitation

Girls enjoyed the visualize roadshow. The highlight of the show, for them, was when they got free balloons. And for Anjali,

"I liked very much when the aunty hit the uncle"

We went to the library and borrowed a score of books. I borrowed a lot of classics - among them, the living tree, and for husband, Artemis fowl. Sophia got her Dora book. I still havent started work on the bookshelf


When we got back to patti's house, Anjali threw a tantrum because the gollum pressed the lift before her. The gollum has a nasty habbit of pressing the lift, the buttons at the traffic light and such stuff. Either the gollum or Anjali must give way. We are still to see which force is stronger and will prevail. Anjali, in her tantrum yanked my dress and the kurta (one of my favorite) split at the side. It can be sewn up, I think

I hope

Daddy took Anjali aside and kept her down while I went to patti's house and changed
Veerappan uncle was coming to patti's house. and he reported

"Her daddy was sitting there behind her, quietly letting her cry it out. "

Crying it out calmed Anjali sufficiently and when I went down to get her, she came amicably and didnt throw tantrums around dinner


Sunday morning. Anjali peeled off a large chunk of brown paint from the bedroom door. She is making a habit of it. The chunk looked like an animal, so after a couple of initial scoldings, husband suggested that I hand her a marker to draw the animal.

Anjali says the resultant thing is a giraffe. Sophia says that it is an opunus. I think Sophia is closer to the mark.


Sunday late morning. We went to the brunch at Rao uncle's house. The girls made a racket during meditation, so we were politely asked to take over Satyavrat's room. i had the catalogue of 50 best books from the library, and a pair of baby scissors. Anjali spent a happy hour cutting all the pictures from the catalogue. She's getting good at this. I should begin saving junk mail.

My handbag is a bottomless junk pit with straws and baby scissors and rough paper and a couple of crayons, a magnet, some clips etc. You never know when you have to entertain a couple of kids. Did you know that an 18 month old can spend ten minutes trying to take two straws out from each other?


Saturday afternoon, we were at Xperiment. the girls liked the chromatography and the harmonograph, but they liked the slime the most, though Anjali got a kick out of the friction towel exhibit.

Mr Waterman at the Xperiment

Daddy then whisked Anjali off for a walk. They came back an hour later having an icecream longer then my arm, and coated with chocolate, which probably cost more than an hour's salary. They had climbed the top of the Pan Pacific and seen what Anjali called the tallest fountain in the world "sic"

We had dinner and found ourselves in a bicycle sale. I have been asking for a bicycle for the past six months and no one buys me one. but Anjali asks for a kick scooter, and tries about ten of them, saying "this one is good", "this one slides away from me", "this one is ok, but a bit shaky" and stuff like that, and before you know it, husband buys her a kick scooter.

I should go on strike and say that I wont cook any lunch if i dont have a new bike.

They'll probably eat outside anyway, and get a stomach upset

The imp kicked her way through suntec city and then all the way to the MRT and then all the way home, from the busstop.

This morning, she kicked the scooter to school

Did you know that making a very disgusting mess of eggshells and banana peels in the blender and putting it at the root of plants makes them flourish?

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