Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Daddy's doll

We read a book called William's doll yesterday. it is on the library's list of 50 top picks for young children. This conversation happened after we read the book.

Me: So William's grandmother told his father, William wants a doll to carry and cuddle and put to bed and take to the park, so that he can practice to be a good daddy.

Anjali: Mummy, did daddy have a doll like William when he was a baby so that he could have practiced to be a good daddy?

Me: I think so, yes. That is why daddy is a good daddy.

Anjali: No mummy, daddy is a bad daddy

Me: Why do you say that?

Anjali: Because daddy spanks me. So he is bad

Me: Well, but daddy buys you big icecreams and takes you on long elevator rides and everything.

Anjali (cautiously): Yes...

Me: So he is a good daddy.

Anjali: Sometimes he is good and sometimes he is bad.

I decided to go back to the spanking. In our home, i knew that spanking usually means a pat in the bottom.

Me: When did daddy spank you?

Anjali: That day, when I pushed Sophia

Then we went back to the hugging recipe

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