Friday, July 16, 2010

Sophia's words

Yesterday, husband and i took the girls to the market. There is a playgound there and Anjali has been bugging me for a tingaling for her bicycle for nearly three months, I needed to buy paints -  I was low.

After buying the tingaling, husband agreed to watch the girls for a bit while I went to the dollar store to buy paints. I came back after about ten minutes. The girls were exploring the playground and around.

"Sophia talks in full sentences", said husband. "she talks about everything as she plays in them"

This was not news to me. I know that Sophia talks in full sentences. She would say things like

"Shapia do it. Anchali also. Baby shark sad.. wuh wuh. gasha book. shapia eat ice pop " etc

I then realized (it comes to me suddenly sometimes) that Sophia is barely one year and a half. I went back the blog - thats the nice thing about having a blog, that we can go back and see. Around december 2008, I was posting a lot about how Anjali was talking two world like daddy change shirt, anniya mop etc. About how we were so excited and how I reproduced entire conversations of two syllables in typewriting.  I dont reproduce conversations with Sophia (well, not very often), but all the talking she does really makes me marvel.

The other day, Anjali was standing at the kitchen counter helping me make cake and Sophia was carrying garfield in the kitchen.

"Mummy taie", she said

"Why do you want me to carry you?" I asked

"Baby see Anchali mix take", she said.

I was left mouth open. She wanted me to carry her, not because she wanted to see the cake mixing, but because she wanted her baby to see Anjali mixing cake. That is very advanced, i think.

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