Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Princess Anjali

Anjali simply refused to wake up this morning. Both girls had not slept till late laast night. The lights were off, but they simply couldnt sleep. Sophia was up all night and this morning had a running nose.

"Anjali, so you want to be a princess this morning?"

That woke her up. she came into the bath with me

"How do princesses take a bath mummy?", she asked

"Well, they wash their arms and legs and their thoppais and ears and face", i said

"Then they wash their hair?" Anjali asked.

I considered. "Yes".

Anjali washes her hair three times a day, under various pretexts.

So she washed her hair and wore princess uniforms and princess socks and princess underwear. She ate princess noodles (Princesses eat by themselves, but we were running late, so they let the queens feed them)

We went to catch the elevator. Anjali pressed the button.

"What did you call Anjali?"

"the lift." she said

"no. its a carriage to take us downstairs"

The school bus was yet another carriage and when i put her on it I said

"Look out for the horses"

and she nodded gravely

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