Monday, July 5, 2010

Love you forever

When I picked up Robert Munsch's love you forever, I thought it too serious and sentimental for the children to read. It was only the fact that it was recommended by good reads and that we like Munsch's other works - like the paper bag princess and stephanie's ponytail, that I decided to pick the book.

I am glad that i did. both the girls like it very much. it is a reflection of love and how it is constant, reciprocative and how it propagates on.

Sophia likes the bit when the two year old baby flushes his mother's watch down the toilet.

"Ai yai yai", she exclaimes, each and every time

Anjali says

"I like when the baby grows big like daddy and he carries his mother in his arms and rocks her back and forth and sings to her".

"Will you carry me like that and rock me?" I ask

"Nope. But I will carry you and rock you when i am big and when my born baby is three years old"

Fair enough

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