Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Looking Duty in the face

Patti was suddenly hospitalized for a couple of days and on Monday I had the task of taking care of the children. It was the first time, since Anjali was born, that i had the task of taking care of the children was a whole day, something patti does day in and day out. It was the mother's duty, one I had always copped out of, and never looking at.

on Monday, it was the inevitable task, and I looked it in the face and found it to be a friend, as duty always is when we look at it honestly. Sophia and I read, drew and played until it was time to fetch Anjali from school. Then the girls and I had lunch and did a number of activities. I ttried to make them sleep at around three, but as it was a no go, asked them to help me bake bread instead. When, after kneading the dough, the girls were full of dough, I dunked them in the bathroom while finishing the cooking. They played in the bathroom for an hour, with the faucet on small, and making toilet paper sculptures and cake.

At 5, I took them to the playground and stayed there for an hour, bringing them back home for dinner. When husband returned around 8pm, they were both fed. Sophia fell asleep soon after, but Anjali played on till around 10pm.

Yesterday, it was husband's turn to take care of the children in the morning. When i returned from work in the afternoon, he had both children eating and playing. Kudos!

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