Thursday, July 15, 2010

Introduction to chapter books

After the success of the Shapia do it book, I wanted to make another book for Anjali. Since I have been trying a couple of times to introduce chapter books - I tried the magix treehouse series, but didnt like it too much, and nor did Anjali. So I wrote a book for the girls, adapted from some of the nicer posts in this blog. The girls, especially Anjali, loves it, as it details their adventures, statements and misadventures. Here is the word document of the book.

Like the Shapia do it book, I sewed up A4 paper in hald like a book and bound it with cloth. A red construction paper served as a binder and yellow paper as border. The printed pages were stuck inside and I also added some simple hand illustrations. Anjali knows of the book and she makes me read a bit from it. Since they are about her, she knows, or can predict what comes with a fair accuracy.

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  1. Lovely book!

    Is there a MS Word version of the "Shapia do it" book available?


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