Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'll take care of you

When mummy came back from office on Thursday, Sophia and Patti were sitting in the garden. As mummy parked her bicycle, Sophia came running up.

"Mummy, Mummy!" She exclaimed.

"Hello Sophia!", Mummy said

"Mummy, mummy! Anchali akka sheed me!" said Sophia

"Anjali Akka fed you?" asked Mummy

"hmm", said Sophia, nodding vigorously.

"What did Anjali akka feed you?"

"paata!" exclaimed Sophia.

"Anjali akka fed you pasta? Did you like it?"

"hmm!" exclaimed Sophia, nodding again.

Later, Anjali, Sophia, mummy and daddy went to the swimming pool. Anjali and Sophia had a lot of fun in the swimming pool. This is what they did in the pool.
1. They played in the wave pool
2. They splashed each other
3. They played in the Jacuzzi
4. They slid down the big slide
5. They put leaves in the water and let it float.

Anjali was getting very good at swimming. She was even able to swim in the jacuzzi using a swimming noodle. Mummy was very proud when Anjali did that.

After swimming, Mummy took Anjali and Sophia to the shower. Anjali did not want to leave the swimming pool.

"Anjali, after we change, you can show Sophia the new playground", mummy said

"Which new playground?"

"That playground which is near your ballet class", said mummy.

So Anjali and Sophia took a shower. During the shower, Anjali asked Sophia

"Sophia, do you want to go to my ballet class playground? Yes?"

"Yes!", said Sophia. It is one of the few times that Sophia says yes.

But the ballet class playground was closed and so they had to come back home. At home, Anjali and Sophia ate some chocolate fudge. THen they talked to bunica and went to bed.

In bed mummy asked Anjali,

"Anjali, Sophia told me that you fed her this afternoon. Did you feed her pasta?"

"Yes mummy.", Said Anjali. "Sophia is my sister and I will feed her and take care of her"

"When mummy goes to America, will you feed her also and take care of her?" asked mummy

"Yes mummy." said Anjali. She then turned to Sophia. "Sophia, when mummy goes to America, I will take care of you and patti will take care of me. ok?" she said. "When mummy goes to America, you will not see mummy anymore."

"No, Anjali", mummy said. "I will be back in a week"

"In a week?" asked Anjali. "A week is a long time mummy?"

"Its a bit long, yes", explained mummy. "But I will talk to you on the webcam"

"Like Bunica?" asked Anjali

"Exactly like Bunica" I said.

Anjali thought that it was very funny that I should speak to her like bunica on the webcam.  So she said to Sophia "Sophia, you can talk to mummy on the computer like bunica when mummy is in America. She will come back in one week! In the meantime I will take care of you. Ok?"

"Bua bua Now!" said Sophia

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