Thursday, July 29, 2010

Here we are, after three years

This is my 1000th post in this blog. Almost three years after the blog was started. It has so far been an excellent chronicler, a dedication to the children and a great reference. There were times when I had to refer to some instances of what happened on a certain day and I would simply go on the blog and check it up. One notable incident happened a few days ago.

When Sophia had a running nose and patti gave her a medicine called Bromohexene. I usually give her Alleryl and I didnt know what Bromohexene was for. All I had to go by was the date on the bottle (sometime in May 2010). Why did I acquire a bottle of bromohexene in May 2010? I quickly went back and checked the blog and discovered that it was the time when Sophia had been living off air and love and therefore concluded that Bromohexene was for a cold and loss of appetite.

There have been other times, like when husband wanted to put Sophia on a bicycle when she was ten months old and I countered that it is not good as Anjali had not been in it until eleven months.

So here we are, a thousand posts over three years and a diary maintained over time.

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