Monday, July 12, 2010

God in my heart

Anjali was making towers with her wooden blocks on Sunday morning. At some stage, the blocks collapsed and landed on her.

"I didnt get hurt mummy", said Anjali. "Even though the blocks fell on me, i didnt get hurt"

"Thats good"

"Jesus is in the blocks' heart", she continued. "Thats why I didnt get hurt"

She brings God into almost every other conersation. We have gotten a book on Ganesha out of the library and Sophia is very fond of the story. its the idea of Ganesha, together with the fact that there are elephants in the book, that makes it appealing to her. She takes the book out very often and says "anai toie, gasha toie" and when we are reading, she would go "Gasha charanam ganesha!"

When we were reading the story i read "Parvati thought that Shiva was the most wonderful person.

"mummy, Krishna is also the most wonderful person"

"Shiva had seen the world", I read on

"Krishna will also see the world when he grows bigger"

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