Tuesday, May 25, 2010


For the opast couple of weeks, the girls have been exploring puppetry. It started a long time ago, almost a year ago, when I made puppets for a handful of stories and rhymes. However, i didnt have a proper archiving system for the puppets, and they were only accessible to me. Then, when i made the kit for Ananya, i realized that we had puppets for nearly ten stories and didnt use them effectively. So I took down the envelopes and put them altogether in a shoe box.

Then we had a cereal box puppet theatre, which proved a real hit, and the girls, even Sophia, would sit for close to half an hour and listen to the various puppet tales.

The challenge began when Sophia started requesting puppet show when i was at work, adn Anjali began to take down the puppets and put shows on for Sophia. The ceral box theatre, which was so imaginative, required a certain dexterity in handling, which Anjali's fine motor skills were not able to cope with. Anso, her puppets faced inward than outwards, more because she couldnt see them properly.

So Husband cut out a puppet theatre from a milk carton. I put wrapping paper over it to make it more attractive. then Anjali put glitter on it

Of course, she also put glitter everywhere else in the house. I am still finding glitter in all her books and many a times Sophia's hand, full of glitter has gone to her mouth. i dont know how much glitter Sophia has swallowed

This is what we landed up with in terms of a puppet theatre.
Need less to say, it has been a huge hit. We hold puppet shows every evening (classic story book stories, modified stories etc), and Sophia often brings the theatre box and requests "puppet show!!" when she is bored of her current activity.

I understand from patti that in the afternoons, takes down the box of puppets and holds puppet shows for Sophia's entertainment.

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  1. i shd try this in india i will hv more time to dothese with A


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