Monday, May 10, 2010

Living on love and aiir and milo

It began last Wednesday. patti called me at work saying that Sophia didnt eat any food. I wasnt worried. But on Thursday and Friday, the phenomenon continued. Sophia refused to touch her food - cereal, oats, rice, idlis - things that she usually ate with relishh. The situation was so bad that aven husband got worried. Only one thing she was fine with, and that was milo. She drank about five helpings of milo.

I took her to the doctor on Friday evening. Maybe she has a bad throat and cant swallow (she has been having a mild cough). The doctor took a look and said that Sophia is suffering from acute muleheadedness. Husband agreed.

The trend of muleheadedness continued over the weekend, and by all of patti's reports, even mondya morning. Sophia eats only if the food is put in front of her on the plate. Not when it is fed to her mouth. This poses a problem for most purees and cereals.

here's what Sophia ate yesterdya, as an example

9am: Milkshake with oats and apple
11.30am: 5 pieces of pasta and 3 pieces of chick peas
1pm: Milo
2.30pm: More milo
3pm: Husband brought out some of my pumpkin pudding, and she ate it
4pm: I cut up some apples and grapes and put them in a plate on the floor. She walked around, munching some, spitting some. She must have eaten some 5cm squared of apples and sucked the juice out of three or four grapes
6.30pm: Took a peanut butter sandwich to the nature park for a walk. Girl ate 3 bites of the bread and made teh rest into playdough
7.30pm: It was dinner time. I put half a chappati, some beans and yogurt aval on her plate. She took one bite opf chappati, one bean, one spoon of yogurt aval in her mouth and tossed the rest around.
8pm: husband peeled an orange. She sucked the juice out of a whole orange and spat out all the fibre.
9.15pm: Another mug of milo


She is getting fairly picky about the food, and also that she must eat by herself. I am exploring several options. Hope I dont have to resort to fortified milk.

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