Monday, May 10, 2010

Learning about Percy

Anjali was playing last night. As I keep having to contend with I dont want to go to school business in the morning, especially Monday morning, I told her

"Anjali, tomorrow is Monday. There is school"

Anjali didnt answer for a bit. Then about five minutes later, she looked up from her play.

"Mummy, tomorrow is monday?"


"Percy will come tomorrow?"

"Msia Msia" piped up Sophia.

The girls are nicely getting prepped up for Percy's arrival. I have told them that percyy is a penguin who travels around the world and writes stories about his travels for everyone to read. And if Anjali throws a tantrum/ doesnt brush her teeth/ doesnt eat eggs for breakfast etc etc, Percy will put it in his book. The same goes for good stuff. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt, but it generally adds spice to life. So its something to look forward to. 

We are also tracking percy's progress around the world in our own way. I toned down some of the stuff in percy's website to make a book about his travels. I also tried to use GIMP to cartoonize the pictures, but as you can see, they are not too cartoonized.

I am not sure if I will make more books, the girls have a general idea of who percy is, but I'll probably make something about teh South Africa adventure - the bit with the lion under the wooden boards is way too cute
Percy goes to London

Percy goes to Holzgerlingen
Thattha saw the Percy post on Friday and wanted to know all about it. "Who is Percy?" he enquired.

Anjali piped up

"Percy is a penguin. We will sleep togethher in patti's yoom!!"

Patti, who disapproves of the number of stuffed toys we have in the house immediately put on her sternest face of disapproval

"Did you tell her you are going to buy her a penguin?"

Ofcourse, they have to still wait for the whole story. Husband knows about percy and approves of the idea, though he thinks that the books I made are way too cheesy. He reckons that i should keep the original text, but its too long for the kids.

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