Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wings stretching

Often when I am alone with both the girls and take them out, Sophia has to play second fiddle to Anjali when exploring. Its a very convenient escape for me. When both girls run off in opposite directions, I pick up the one who is lightest and least likely to protest and the one whom i can carry for a long period without enduring damage to my rapidly aging bones. I guess patti does the same as well

I never really stopped to think how Sophia might feel about this.

What i realized on Monday was that what is resulted in was a lot of pent up frustration and need to really walk. On Monday, patti and Anu aunty reported, Sophia was really cranky. it was expected. Anjali had gone back to school after a week break. Mummy had gone to work after the weekend, Anu aunty was getting ready to go to Malaysia. In the evening, we had decided to take the girls to the swimming pool. That didnt materialize and we went to the mannu pllaygropund instead.

Sophia walked. 1km. All the way to the mannu playground. It was facilitated mostly because there were three adults and because Anjali has decided that it is fun to bicycle. So Anjali bicycled to the mannu playground. Anjali on the bike and Sophia on foot is a good combination, as Anjali tends to go slow, especially uphill.

I have learnt an important lesson. Sophia needs to walk and to stretch her wings. And she needs us to give her the opportunity.

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