Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sanskrit progress

Anjali has been amazing us with her progress in Sanskrit. Recently, she has begun to generalize.

Yesterday during dinner, there was aloo parata and Anu sat at the table

"kimcit avaleha"

Me: "Avaleham dadaami"

Anjali: "Avaleham dadaatu"


Later, Anjali and Anu were conversing

Anu: mama staalika asti
Anjali: mama staalika asti
Anu: mama chashakah asti
Anjali: mama chasakah asti
Anu: mama kangannam naasti
Anjali (pointing to her bangle): mama kanganam asti

Anu is in seventh heaven and rising. Yesterday, during class, Anu got Anjali to sing manasaa satatam with her, and Anjali sat on the table to sing loudly. After a while she became the teacher and the rest of the class repeated after her. It was a roaring success.

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