Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More Anjali stories

Generally Anjali's story takes on some form of our stories during bed time here are some examples

After husband and I told stories of bike riding and bikes that broke

One day, Anjali rode a bike to school. On the way the bike broke. So Anjali got down from the bike and walked to school. thats the end of the story


Yesterday, the theme was frogs. Husband told a story about a frog whose lake dried up and the frog lived in a hole until rain came. "What is the moral of the story?" Asked Anjali.

I then told a story of two frogs who fell into the milk pot.

Here is Anjali's story

Once upon a time, there were three frogs. They fell into a pot of sugar. They could not get out. So they asked a cat for help. The cat came and ate up the frogs. And they is the end of the story.

"What is the moral?" i asked

"You must not eat anyone up"


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