Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Its not fair

We have been reading a book called its not fair, about how a child reacts to the new baby in the family. Everything is not fair - baby can cry and people coo, if the older kids cry, then the people simply ask them to keep quiet.

Baby can make a mess, and we laugh, but if sister makes a mess its not ok

Baby gets to be carried/ go on the stroller, but sister has to laugh

Its just not fair

Then things change. Baby wants to play big people games, stay up late at night, walk in the rain, but cant because he is not old enough.

Its not fair.


Anjali really enjoyed the book, I could see her lips twitching at the place where the baby couldnt do many things.. And this morning, we were na na ni booing Sophia because Anjali could go to school and Sophia couldnt.

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