Monday, March 29, 2010

IEP class: how the toddlers played

On sunday, we were quite well prepared for IEP, and had activities lined up for all three age groups. For the toddlers, I decided to keep it simple, three trays, containing sand, cornflour, and water. there were four children - Mitun, Anjali, Krisha and Sophia. That was, in a way, very good, as the children had good access to the trays. here's a run down on what we did for about 45 minutes.

First, we had sand, cornflour and water in three separate trays. The children first began to explore the materials simply by themselves - feeling the coarseness of sand and the smooth texture of cornflour. Krisha then began to pour the cornflour into the tray of water. I intervened at that point, showing the children that it is interesting to do it the other way round as well - to pour water into the cornflour. This ofcourse, formed the well known cornflour gloop  - a very viscous liquid whose use is limited only to our imagination.

The food colorings were brought out. along with everyone's favorite paint palate - the fingers.  Mitun was fascinated by the colors that were formed - how, when red color is mixed with cornflour, it turned pink, which became purple upon addition of blue - which then became brrown and finally orange.

"If I add the grass and leaves and brown sticks to this and mix, what color it will become?" he asked.

I was also very fascinated by Sophia, who was working so concentratedly with her section of the sand tray, mixing and pouring for close to twenty minutes without even looking up.

At the end of the day, the toddlers had had a very interesting painting of sand and cornflour (which had, by the end, mixed themselves together by some magical process), on a large sheet of paper.

It was an excellent sensorial activity. I hope to follow up on the colors and the sensorial aspect of it next lesson.

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