Tuesday, March 16, 2010

husband and Sophia

Yesterday evening, husband was incharge of Sophia for the evening - I had gone with Anjali for Sanskrit class.

Husband was supposed to take Sophia to west mall and buy some medicine for the girls - they both have cough and we used up all the medicine we had gotten from India. But he called at 8.30 saying that he couldnt move out of the house.

This morning, i asked him what he had been doing with Sophia:

"She kept going between apu and jooa jooa. Shhe had several rounds of jooa jooa, and two rounds of water play, and when she wanted the third round of apu, I put my foot down. I also put my foot down at amulu (she goes to the tv and tries to press the control button), and pulled out the books."

When we got home from Sanskrit class, i found three squirrel bitten apples on the floor.

"Why dont you let her bite just one apple, and give her the same thing each time?"

No response :P

All three apples went into the fridge and the parents (namely us) ate them for breakfast this morning.

Atleast it ensures that we eat our fruits.

"Where are the strawberries?", i asked.

"By the way", racontes husband, who is quite proud of his acheivement of handling Sophia for the whole evening, "Sophia ate one strawberry last night. She made juice out off the rest"

"Those strawberries were expensive"

"I ate the pulped strawberries"

"in that case its ok.'

ofcourse, husband asked me three times if I am really going to go for Sanskrit all week. 

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