Friday, March 26, 2010

Anjali's birthday goody bag

I hate goody bags. they are usually full of cheap candy that goes promptly into the dustbin. The children however, are rather crazy about them. So what can i do??

Anjali's birthday is coming up, and we need to put together a goody bag for her school. Here is the list we came up with.

=> One paint set from the dollar store ($1.05)
=> One juice box
=> One fruit

Optional: One shape book/ tot pack. But will i have time to make so many?

NO lollipops and candy!


  1. u know we shd make a healthy good bag thingy - and next time i am thinking buy some thank u cards and ask ananya to paint them or something to that effect. no gifts - its real stressful birthdays and will get even more so... u can keep raisin packs in goody bags. i like the US that way they hv some nice kid size snack and juice boxes tht u can keep too i searched high and low here...

  2. For school - i would suggest u get sticker packs and put them in instead of paint box. I think they will be easier to distribute? Anyways, good luck!


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