Monday, February 22, 2010

An eventful plane trip

The flight was scheduled for 9am. The plan was for us to be in the airport by 7am, for thattha and patti to come at 6 in the morning to acasa and to take the taxi from there. The imps, who normally never wake up before 7.30, were supposed to be carried in their sleep to the taxi.

However, this was not to be. Both imps woke up at 5.45 and refused to return to bed. They were put in the taxi and taken to the airport, where they had a great time at customs and charmed all the officers (maybe, next time, they could charm some more and get us upgraded). Anyway, so we got into the plane.

And then the tricks began. Sophia slept in my arms, having woken up at 5.45 tired her out. Patti offered to keep Sophia while I made Anjali sleep. That was not to be, as, immediately after reaching patti's arms, Sophia let out a shriek and woke up. Then began the circus, the details of which are fuzzy. It involved - loud singing, smiling at all the other passengers, walking up and down the aisle with husband (who had earlier said that Sophia would walk to the door and say "out"). She didnt do that, though she tried a couple of times to go into the first class, some crying, snatching all the headphones etc.

One event sticks out loud. I had taken Anjali to the bathroom. When I came back, rather proud of myself and of Anjali, the other little imp was covered from top to toe with idli sambar. Anjali's seat too was covered with idli and sambhar. None of the grown ups offered a clear explanation. Husband mumbled something about how Sophia reached the meal plate and then the whole thing toppled on her (that is kind of obvious from her state)

I guess Jet airways was glad to see the back of us. And the seats we left behind were not museum pieces. In addition to the remanants of the toppled tray, there were other souvenirs - pieces of paper, airplane pillows (probably covered with sambar too) etc.

Both girls fell asleep at half an hour before we were due to land, when I, out of sheer desperation and need for sleep, turned on karadi rhymes on the plane tv. That kept Anjali occcupied while Sophia drifted off, and then I was able to make Anjali sleep. But half hour before landing is not enough for a sleep deprived mother and therefore sleep deprived I remained, until night.

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