Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Two days ago, Anjali was having a bath

"Some old people have no money and no homes. So they live in a fox house. My teacher said that we must help them"

"What must we do?"

"We must send money in an ang pao wallet"

"How much money?"

"Ten dollars"

The next morning, I wrote a note to her teacher and then brought up the conversation again when waiting for the bus

"did Mrs Gan ask us to give money to the old people Anjali?"


"How much?"

"Thiee dollars"

"Yesterday evening you said ten dollars. It is ten dollars or three dollars?"

A pause

"I will ask my teacher how many dollars and then tell you"

Later it transpired that there was charity week in school.

At dinner, Anjali was going on about how old people live in fox homes

IT took me a while to realize what she meant.

it was "old folks home"

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