Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The animals of India

The temple elephant: Pondicherry. As you can see, Anjali is totally uncomfortable and refuses to let the elephant touch her

The pony at Sharnga GH. This one is flame, the horse is flash.
Chasing a peacock at Samasti, AV. There were two and they crowed through the night sometimes
The goat that wanted to eat my coconut at Mahaballipuram. I dropped the coconut on the sand, and it didnt want it. It reared up and put its hooves on my dress, frightening Anjali. Turns out that it didnt like coconut with sand, So I gave it coconut still in the shell. Then it was happy.

I think the goat has a baby in the thoppai
The crocodiles in the croc park

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