Tuesday, January 19, 2010

theology 101

Kids were playing yesterday in the playground. Sophia was, as usual, wandering the ground and picking leaves and sticks. Husband was sitting in front of the swing and I was swinging Anjali in the swing, singing. pooja was playing along

"Godhavari, kavery, Sindhu Saraswati", I sang

Pooja: Saraswati is a Hindi god

Me: Yes. Saraswati is a Hindu god

Pooja: Everyday I pray to it

Anjali (piping from the other swing): Saraswati is in my heart

I didnt understand for a minute

Me: Saraswati is in your heart?

Anjali: Yes. And Mataji also.

Me: I see

Anjali: Always they take care of me.

Me: Ok

Anjali: When I fall from the bicycle they will take care of me.


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