Monday, January 18, 2010

party moments

All around the birthday cake
blowing the cake
daddy feeding
Some sort of spontaneous family picture
dressed up birthday baby
patti dancing??
circle time
Kiran singing??
Games we played:
Passing the parcel and scavenger hunt before the cake cutting

Food served:
Popcorn, sandwiches with cheese and peanut butter, pasta, cutlets with yogurt dip, salad
Thattha got french fries from McDonald (thattha should comment on his McDonald experience, it will make interesting reading. Hit post comment and type it out)
Birthday cake: Blackforest from polar cake (bengawan Solo wouldnt take our order as we got there only one day in advance. The cake was delicious, so it was a lucky thing)
About 24 kids turned up (i had 24 goodie bags and thats a good way to keep count)

Games we played after the cake cutting

We had different stations set up for kids to play after eating while the rest finished - a train track, a set of blocks, the dolls and doll house for the girls etc

The kids went downstairs, we had a bubble station set up with soap and water and a couple of bubble wands. Sapna, Anjali, Shreyas, Sibi and a couple of others got around to wash the playground floor as a favor to the community

Vishnu and a couple of boys took a few balls down to play soccer, that kept them happy for a good half hour. Some other kids played in the playground proper.

I think everyone had a good time. I guess they did, as no one had the opportunity to take pictures after the cake cutting, so they were too busy enjoying themselves

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