Thursday, January 28, 2010


I took the morning off today. Sophia and patti and I got back from the playground, after which patti hung the imp's feet over the sink and washed her up.

Then she took Sophia to the bedroom to grab a towel. AS patti was wiping Sophia, Sophia began the chant

"bu, bu, bu, bu"

We continued to the living room to finish wiping her off and changing her shirt.

"bu, bu bu"

"Wait", said patti "I'll change your dress and then your mummy will give you booba"

But I thought that the imp was meaning something else. Her way of saying booba was "bua bua"

"You want a book?"

Imp looks at me.

"bu , bu bububububububu"

After changing her clothes, I carried her to the bedroom. There, on top of Anjali's cupboard were the set of books that we were reading last night, among them, the pooh nature book that husband and Sophia had spent a particularly happy half hour exploring.

I picked the whole stack of books and dumped them on the living room floor.

"There. Which book do you want?"

Predictably, she chose the pooh book. Sophia flipped through the pooh book and I pointed to some of the snimals and stuff on it. A few minutes later, patti asked me a question and I went to the bedroom to look for something.

Imp began to cry.

"bu bu bu bu"

"I am coming. wait, just let me check this"

"bu bu bu, wah wah wah"

What patti asked me was not really important. So I dropped the task and came to the living room. Imp was carrying the open pooh book (its big and fairly heavy), and was trying to walk towards me

"bu bu bu"

The I sat down beside her and took the book.

She gave a satisfied sort of giggle and spent a happy quarteer of an hour mentioning all about

"be" (birds), "da" (ducks), "ba" (bears) etc

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