Monday, December 14, 2009

The ins and outs

Sophia is in a stagewhere her favorite toys happen to be toys with stuff in them. Namely, they are bags with things that she can take out, boxes with toys in them (on Friday, when Anjali was hanging clothes, Sophia spent a good ten minutes fiddling with a milk carton in which I had cut a hole. The carton was supposed to represent a cable car with a link a dos to hang it from the cable. Hoever, as Anjali was not very interested in the cable car, I had it removed and converted into a clothes line where Anjali to peg clothes. the link a dos went into the carton, whereupon Sophia had a great time rattling it and finally taking the link a dos out)

Big bags filled with toys, boxes that need a bit of work to open, but have interesting treasures in them (anything will work, diapers, dresses, odd toys, old puzzle pieces)

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