Monday, December 14, 2009

funny moments

I should put Anjali in the front.

"Mummy, carry me to West Mall"

"No. i cant carry you to West mall"

"Ok, Carry me until downstairs, after that I'll walk"

"Sophia, dont hang from the fan"

Sophia turns around, gives cheeky look and goes right back to hanging from the fan (patti complains that we cant even turn the fan on in the house and its so hot)

"Sophia, dont be naughty"

"no no no  no  no"


I am sitting on the bed reading Room on a broom to Anjali. The kid fills up all the sentences of that book. Sophia crawls out of bed and sits on the mat. She looks at me and then



"amma amma amma"

Sophia walks better and better each day. You still have to trick her into taking steps, as she prefers to crawl, but yesterday, for instance, she made several batches of three or four steps when Sudha aunty was in patti's house

Straight from patti's arms to husband's.

Sudha aunty says its probably just a matter of a week
Both girls hang from my neck during Gita Jayanthy concert. Try going for With Wind and the weather beating around me rotating with one baby in the arm and another one doing piggy back.

Oh, people offered to carry Sophia, and Shruti's mother took her walking for three minutes, but after two rounds of the playground, the madam began to cry in earnest.

"Mummy, lets make a playeum"

Playeum is one of the buzzwords in our house, and as part of the playeum, we do all sorts of activities. (Thank goodness we have someone to clean up after us)

Anjali's vocabulary has increased to include words such as "Activity", "I show you funny business" etc

On Thursday, I made an omelette for husband's lunch and washed and colored the egg shells (I neednt have bothered with the coloring, but they added an extra dimension)

On friday, we cracked the colored eggshells and stuck them on a fish drawing.

On Saturday evening, Anjali and I made several sketched of Maisy characters - Maisy, Tallulah, Charlie, Eddie and Panda (I sketched them and Anjali gave instructions on the color off their clothes). This morning, I cut them out and bound into a mix up book. I have a feeling that Anjali will quite enjoy it. (try imagining Maisy's haid with Panda's body and charlie's tail)

We were at Fidgets on Sunday afternoon. Both kids had a blast. Sophia loves to climb. She climbs everything - the chairs and tables, the book basket in the library, the ladders at fidgets. The nice thing about fidgets is that we can pretty much let her run loose without having to worry about falling or anything.

Anjali ofcourse runs loose anyway. We lost her twice in fidgets (oonce when she climbed up a slide and I had to take an alternative route. By the time i realized that I had lost her, she was pretty far away)

The second time, husband was sitting on the floor, reading, and I was up, playing with the kids. Sophia was getting a little tired, and I took her down. Anjali ran to the other side of the playing complex. i got Sophia down and looked around.

No Anjali.

I aksed husband to look for her, as Sophia was holding my fingers and making circles.

Husband went around.

And around

And around.

He came back after five minutes.

"You found Anjali?"

"Yes". For some reason, he was very amused.

"Ok", I said, rather distracted. "I will feed Sophia in the cafeteria"

"Ok", he says "picking the backpack"

"You are not staying here?"

"What I will do here?"

"Keep and eye on Anjali"

"Anjali's not here."


"She is at little fidgets"

Little fidgets is across the cafeteria. Quite far, in my poinion, for a two year old to go without her parents. Safe yes, but far.

Anjali is just starting to go by herself to non family members, namely Vishnu and Meenakshi. It helps that they meet her very often. But she is still wary of strangers. Yesterday, she met Ramya for pretty much the first time, and for a long time hid behind my back when talking.

We were reading "Another important book", by Margret Wise brown.

"the important thing about being three", says Brown "Is being me!!!"

"Who is the most beauitiful"


"Who can talk and jump?"


"Who is funny and looks like a bunny?"

Anjali considers..

"You!", she conlcudes

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