Monday, November 16, 2009

These are all the photos I managed to get before they told me off

36 week foetus
Anjali at one of the more traditional skeletons

foetuses at differnet stages. They had them from 4 weeks old

daddy and two daughters.

Some lines are very thin. Bodyworlds is one of them. Before we went for the exhibition, some people were saying that it may not be suitable for the kids, they may get scared. but mine werent, most possibly they were not aware of what it was.

Controversial yes, but only if you think of it in terms of the gross. But it was beautiful. What is inside us, the blood vessels, muscles, skeleton - they are beautiful. They make us what we are. That is illustrated by the very artistically presented dancing plastinates (which, unfortunately, I couldnt photograph)

We were at bodyworld exhibition on Friday evening. It was really an eye opening bit of art.

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