Monday, November 16, 2009

no idea what these people were doing

When we returned from the swimmy show, I had a splitting headache. No idea why exactly this happened. So I curled up and let husband handle the kids.

They seem to have had a good time - the kids- husband was hungry and stressed, and when I woke up, took two helpings of yogurt aval and slept at 8pm (I should do this more often so that he sleeps early), woke up sometime at night to put a diaper on Sophia (after 11pm), had an intention to put a diaper on Anjali, but fell asleep before he could formulate the intention properly. He put a diaper on Anjali at 4pm, apparently.

The kids drank yogurt, ate noodles, made a mess on the floor, played with some random toys and stuff etc. here are some videos that husband took.

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