Thursday, November 26, 2009

Another water bottle missing

here's how it happened.

Yesterday Anjali wanted to go to the playground. She didnt want to go to any playground, she wanted to go to the far away playground with swinging bars. Despite the fact that all her friends were in the downstairs playground. Despite the fact that pooja and a couple of others had a pretty pink pram and a doll.

She wanted to be carried to the playground. Husband was carrying Sophia and Anjali wanted me to carry her all the way to the other playground, a good ten minute walk away. That was the beginning of the crying.

Caie me to the playground. honestly, if she is so tired that she wants to be carried to the playground, why not stay at home?

I carried her part of the way, and then got her to hop. Guess she was a bit tired, but I guess so was I.

We reached the playground, and the whole time at the playground was a muddle of activity and crying, quite exasperating that finally, around 9.30, I lost patience, picked the girl on one side, the shoes on the the other side and walked home.

I left the water bottle behind

We should have gone earlier to the playground.

then she wanted to be carried home, and I didnt want to. I dropped her show on the floor and made her go back and pick it, put it on and walk with me.

She whined most of the way back.

When we got home, she didnt like the bean soup that patti had let for her dinner, and wanted noodles and wanted to play with Oobleck. So I set her and Sophia up with some Oobleck (I checked, corn flour is an important content of formula milk powder and therefore baby safe), while making noodles.

Hardly five minutes had passed when Anjali began another crying episode. She wanted the bathtub (I was hesitant as there was no space in the bathroom for a bathtub, what with the oobleck tray, Sophia, Anjali, and two bhuckets already squeezed into the shower space). The two buckets were for oobleck water and clean water respectively

Finally managed to get the bathtub in, and another crying episode came forth, she wanted warm water in the tub. Sophia wanted a tub as well.

Out came the oobleck tray, and the buckets. In went the other bathtub, Warm water to rinse much of the cornflour off Sophia's arms and legs and mouth.

The noodles were ready

"Anjali, do you want to eat noodles?"

"I am still taking a bath"

Losing patience

"Anjali, either you eat the noodles now, or the kitchen is closed. You are going straight to bed"

That noved her from the tub.

Sophia got handed to husband (atleast she was fed, and I think they had some fun eating mangoes. Sophia was smelling of mango juice when she came to bed, though, I believe, husband washed her up)

Anjali ate her noodles at top speed and read "Room on a broom" (Highly recommended)

We finished room on the broom, ushered the kids into the bedroom and turned off the light.

That trigered another crying apisode, but hsuband and I were both firm on it, so it stopped relatively fast (I notice that thhe crying spsodes are stronger if husband and I tend to disagree on the way to deal with it, like when I soften my stance about turning off the light. Does she think that if she cries a bit louder, I will soften my stance further? It is a strong possibility)

On the plus side, Sophia slept at 10.30. Anjali stayed up in the dark, asked husband for water to drink a couple of times, chatted about some funny stuff and then drifted off.

Just one of those days


  1. get ready for more - "no-reason" crying days. Boy I am soooooooo exasperated with this. I can now translate A's diff cries - Oh boy I thought terrible two were over - now come the 'not-so-terrific' threes soon. I hope I can maintain my sanity through these crying episodes.

  2. Aaahhhhh!!!! seriously. its not like we are not giving her what she wants. Just that we are giving it to her 0.2 milliseconds after :(

    Should be tiring for you..


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