Wednesday, October 14, 2009

At canossian convent

i will put up the photos soon... been a bit harried with Sophia and chicken pox

We went to Canossian convent on Saturday for the orientation program. I dont think that Anjali really remembered the place from our previous visit.

So she saw all the pictures of jesus christ there.

"Mummy, this is Jesus Christ"


"Where is mother Mary??"

(Note: For Anjali, a baby without a mummy is the worst thing that can happen. when listening to peter rabbit story and how peter crawled through the gate to Mc Gregor's garden, she asks in near tears "Where's the mummy rabbit?")

So even if Jesus Christ is all tall and grown up and bearded, Mother Mary must be there.

So we went to the auditorium for welcome talk and Anjali keeps asking me

"Where's mother mary?"

Sister Joanna (who may be one of Anjali's future teachers) hears her

"You want to see Mother mary? Mother Mary is in the chapel"

So we take it at that, and go to the briefing, which Sister josephine took.

me (Trying to be informative): Anjali, see that Aunty, she is wearing a scarf on her head. What color is the scarf?

Anjali: white

Me: Thats right. That means she is a nun. She spends all her time working for the church.

Anjali (very surprised): This is a church??

Sister Joanna took us up later to see the chapel and the Mother Mary.

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